Friday, December 31, 2010

The New Year

I spent the last month in a blurred haze of work, school, and sleep. I quit my job that caused stress and where I was being harassed and although it eased my stress it didn't change the fact that I had two other jobs, and was trying to manage getting through an eating disorder and depression.

I wouldn't want to blame my terrible job for the relapse into an eating disorder, but I think it played a big part. So many times over the past couple of months I have debated sharing my experience with friends about anorexia, bulimia, gym addiction, and other...less than sane ways of losing weight.

With the year coming to a close, and a new one in sight I decided that I needed to take time to work on myself, and to get up the guts to share my experiences in the hopes of not only helping myself but others.

It was through media, and the pressures of being a girl that was surrounded by friends getting married and me not ever being in a relationship that drove me from my healthy living, and healthy ways of losing weight into a dangerous road of starvation, overexertion, and depression.

With every pound that I lost I would get compliments on my appearance. This constant support and the fact that I hit a plateau in my weight loss made me feel like I needed to find a new way to lose the weight that just didn't want to come off.

I began to work out a minimum of 2 hours a day, and would eat under 500 calories. I would water log myself everyday, and lay in bed with an empty stomach and an even emptier soul. I could see my personality slipping away, and I wanted to change, but not until I reached my goal and looked like the girls you see in the magazine.

It was a thrown out hip, and an emotional breakdown that led to me lying on my bathroom floor after trying to throw up that made me realize I needed to change while there was still time for me.

This wasn't a talk I was looking forward to having with my family, but I knew it needed to happen. I remember her in her bathroom getting ready for bed. I sad on her cold porcelain tub and closed the door behind me so my dad wouldn't see me as I bawled. I told her everything, and we decided it was time to get help.

Therapy, anti-depressants, and exercise have led me to a point where I can eat food again and not regret every calorie that goes into my mouth. Unfortunately weight gain was inevitable, and because of it I've become embarrassed the person I've once again become. It was only 5 or 10 pounds but a whopping 20 and I sit in bed staring at the clock this very second wondering what this new year will bring. I haven't been this weight for almost 2 years, and a part of me feels SO desperate for a new life, and another part is thankful for the fact that although I may be heftier I am definitely healthier as well.

This new year is going to bring me a lot of experiences. It's undeniable due to the fact that I'm going to be traveling through Europe and the fact that I plan to move to Texas to experience life independently. One thing life and these trials that I still go through EVERY day has taught is that you can't wait for your life to change. You have to take the initiative and do it yourself.

I once told someone that I didn't plan on growing up until I was 20 and the word "teen" wasn't in my age anymore. I see so many things both little and big that have changed for me, and my view on things has changed as well.

I started this blog to share my life and my adventures and, although I don't want to admit it, I think it truly saved my life. I transferred my obsessions to finding something new to do everyday instead of noticing if I ate more than I had normally allowed myself. I didn't do it for those purposes but it's amazing what blessings come out of random things.

I plan on starting my goal again for the new year. I plan on doing something new everyday and writing about it because it DID help me, and I hope it helped others, just as I hope sharing a piece of my disorders may help someone. It's only one goal among many that I hope to complete this year. I took the liberty to write them down, and I hope that you dear reader can help me, encourage me, and be there with me each step of the way.

My Goals for the year 2011...
1. Backpack through Europe and enjoy every part of it. (Even if we end up in horrible conditions)
2. Run a 10k. (If anyone would like to do this with me I would love the help and company)
3. Go on a road trip somewhere either alone or with someone.
4. Find something new that I love about myself each day.
5. Ride a motorcycle.
6. Go snowboarding.
7. Go snowmobiling.
8. Help a stranger.
9. To find the strength inside myself to go back to living a healthy life. (With or without weight loss)
10. Make sure I take advantage of the time I have and tell my loved ones how I feel about them.
11. Walk with my head held high, smile on my face, and shoulders back.
12. Save a portion of my paychecks for retirement.
13. To get closer to my family.
14. To not expect perfection out of myself.

These are my New Years goals, and I hope that everyone takes this time to reflect on your own life. To learn about yourself and what you want is the greatest things anyone can do for themselves.

I love all of you, and I hope that this new year brings about new happiness.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


So this past weekend I had an opportunity to go to Vegas to do a few new things. I made my first out of state wedding cake. AND I made it in a hotel room. 2 new things there.

I gambled for the first time...

I tried champagne...

And I had to drive over night with 3 other people in order to make it back for school in the morning. Each of us took shifts, and I'm pretty sure all of us fell asleep at the wheel at least once.

All in all, it was a good weekend. Of course being tired for the rest of the week due to the lack of sleeping all weekend hasn't been the best.

Monday, September 13, 2010

My legs are burning with the fire of a thousand suns

I'm in a jogging class this semester and we had to run on the football field track thing. After the class finished I still had a lot of energy and I decided I would run some more. Unfortunately the track team had started to practice. The only option other than not running was to run the stadium steps.

So I did. Now my legs feel like Lucifer has set them afire. AFIRE I say!

I feel like a champ. I'll have to keep practicing.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

This has turned into a blog about cakes...

So I'm making a cake for a wedding, but the bride and groom have been pretty indecisive when it came to the cake flavorings so for the first time I'm doing a taste test. Fingers crossed. They're doing it at my house, and hopefully the cakes taste alright. I can just see them trying to be polite in front of me and the second they get into their cars looking at each other with disgusted looks on their faces.

In all honesty, that might be funny. At least they know what they're getting into.

I also deep cleaned the kitchen. All these valuable skills on my path to wife-hood and mother-dom.

I'm beginning to get sick of cake in general. Overall cake is good, but when you make 16 cakes for a Facilities grand opening and then 9 mini cakes for a taste testing it makes you wonder what you ever saw in the delicious fluffy treat. That last sentence points to me still liking the stuff, but I don' least until I try a new flavor.

I tried a peach cake the other day. It was probably one of the most delicious things I'd ever made, due to the fact that I put the cream cheese frosting on while it was still slightly warm so it turned into a sort of glaze and made the cake taste amazing because it soaked up the frosting goodness.

Oh gosh, I'm making myself sick. I've decided if you ever want to get rid of cravings for a type of food, sacrifice your belt notches and just eat a little bit of said craving everyday and in excess. You won't be doing it for very long.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Not so much of a day...

So school started about two weeks ago. I also got another job on top of my job at the food court, and have been getting a cake order every now and then. To say that I'm busy would be an understatement.

The reason I say that it's not so much of a day is because sadly I didn't do anything new...alright if I'm being honest the past month has been a "Not so much of a day" in my do something goal.

I decided I would start doing it again because let's face it, fun little new things are...well fun. Great job at starting it back up huh? This week has been filled with cake this, and school that. Work in the orchard, work in the food court. I need a little adventure, and part of me wants to hop in my car and drive to somewhere new. Two problems.

1. Do to my lack of gas and the fact that I'm saving up my money for a huge month long trip next summer, buying gas to drive somewhere seems like it's a no go.

and 2. Driving alone on a school night, and trying to make it back in time for work at 8 isn't something I want to risk.

Instead I'm going to do something menial and hopefully tons of fun....oh and something I can do in about 10 minutes so I can go to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour.

Let's brainstorm shall we?


Write a song.

No. I mean, unless I sing about my love for cheese I see no way that, that would be achievable in such a small time frame.

And yes, I really am thinking of these off the top of my head. My witty and stupid sentences are really coming to my head as I'm typing.

OH I know. I'm going to sleep on my bed backwards like Pippi Longstocking.

Wait no...that would be easy for a cartoon character who doesn't need a constant supply of oxygen, but I'm afraid being in such close proximity with blanket, blanket, and more blanket, might cause me to suffocate.

Paint my nails all different colors?

Nope working with food means nothing toxic. Psh, like my lead laced nail polish would cause someone to get sick...oh you really can? No wonder they discontinued my favorite brand. (Just kidding. I have never owned lead nail polish.)

Okay, this is a bust. No, you know what I'm gonna do. I had a friend who was super close when I was little, and we had a birthday get together and she got me this HUGE stuffed dog, that I named Patch. I'm grabbin him and snuggling up close with that baby. Who needs a man when you have a fake dog?!

It may not be all that new, but I haven't done it since I was little. Now, where did I put him. Tonight I'm gonna sleep like a baby. Night everyone!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 53=Cake is dangerous

I felt like being nice today and making some treats for my brother to take down with him when he went to see my sister and her friends. So I made strawberry cake balls. I am playing guitar when the phone starts ringing and it's for me. It's my sister and she starts off by saying that you for the cake balls, and then proceeds to ask if they're strawberry. I happily say that yes they are, and she then tells me her friend who is deathly allergic to strawberries has indulged in the cake balls, and is now probably going to have to take him to the first thought was "Great, I killed a person with cake balls." My second thought is "Great, now I'm going to have to change my name and go on the run for murder." Then I heard laughing in the background and although it wasn't a joke it must not be to bad. So I apologized and we hung up. If they do end up having to go to the hospital it's gonna be super fun to find out....I've never sent someone to the hospital before.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 52 = Backyard Camping and a Raccoon

I have wanted to go camping for weeks! After asking about 10 times to multiple people and facebook posts I decided I'd have to go by myself. Since my family hates camping we don't own a tent, so my first hurdle was having to get one. I asked around and some people had one, but since this was a last minute thing I pretty much had to make one. Then I remembered that the sprinklers would go off in the morning. This meant the lawn was not an option.

So I set up camp on my back porch. I had to make do with what I had. I also don't have a camera with a flash so I had to hurry and make the tent before the sun set.

I couldn't quite get the fire right, so I had to improvise.

I got a small fire going. Unfortunately it wasn't big enough to roast anything. Darn...I was so excited to make me some roasted mallows.

I was just fooling around at this point. Little did I know these few pictures were foreboding of how my camping would end.

I feel like I'm on the cover of a Hardy Boys book in this one...

Me in my tent.

And the final image of the night before it go way to dark to take pictures. I was really excited to finally camp out.

I went to bed around ten and I was fast asleep until my cat Jinks pounced on me around 11:30. I scolded her, and as I was drifting off to sleep I suddenly heard a rustle in the bushes beneath my spot on the porch. I'm thinking it's Jinks because I couldn't see her after the scolding. So I call her name and all of a sudden I hear growling and something dart from the bushes and hit the fence at the bottom of the hill in my backyard.

It didn't connect that it wasn't my cat, and so I laid back down. Then as I sat there I heard the rustling coming back up the hill, growling, and my cat meowing at my feet which meant that it wasn't her. Then I heard the growling noise back in the bushes under me.

I wouldn't be scared if I had a real tent, and not two sheets hung on a rope, and if I knew what it was, but it felt like it was circling me luring me into a scared little ball in my sheet tent.

So with adrenaline pumping I bolted. If I was grabbing everything any faster I may have forgotten to step out of my sleeping bag and fell. Then I'd be nicely wrapped for the raccoon to eat me.

With everything in hand I started calling Jinks, but she wouldn't come. She kept looking over the edge of the porch. Finally I had to entice her with a treat and she came running inside after me. The entire time the raccoon was growling under our feet.

Now I'm wide awake, and my camping experience was a bust. Oh well. Maybe next time I try to camp out I won't run into a raccoon.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 51 = Apparently I'm not woman enough...

You know the whole belief that women have the ability to multi task? I think I prove that theory wrong. I got off work today and had to make bread pudding for a coworker. After shopping for supplies and rushing home I decided I'd take on the task of baking, writing a paper, watching tv, talking to my mom, and texting a friend.

One problem. Apparently my ability with multi tasking only goes so far. Sure I've watched tv and done homework, or listened to music, cleaned my room, and talked to my mom, but doing more than three things at a time makes a crappy end product.

The bread pudding had to much liquid and ended up not baking properly, the paper document was opened but not touched, the movie passed before I even knew it was on, my mom went to bed without me noticing, and my texting conversation went well...shows where my priorities lie.

Practice makes perfect though, so I may try it again tomorrow. Just kidding...alright I'm slightly telling the truth. Maybe I'll take out writing a paper. That's a joke. I need to crack down on that before Thursday comes and I have NOTHING.

Day 50 = The concrete isn't that soft...

Today I decided to take a jog, and I felt pretty dang good about myself, although all of my sweats are now about 5 sizes to big, and so I have to make multiple attempts at pulling my pants up so I don't moon poor children who happen to look out their window at the wrong time. So I was on top of the world and I saw the finish line in the distance ie. my house, and I end up having to weave around cars (neighbors were having a party with a ton of cars) and I get to a point where I'm going to have to jump up a curb. I jumped, and I went up, but unfortunately what goes up must come down, and the toe of my shoe hits the curb and the sidewalk and my face shared a tender moment. I do a roll and then do this James Bond or Jackie Chan move and hop up and keep running. It was pretty awesome. That semester in Tae Kwon Do REALLY taught me something.

I have never EVER, in all the time that I've gone running, biffed it. Not only that but there are some obnoxious neighbors two doors up from me, and they just so happened to be out in their driveway.

Oh and it was nighttime by this point, and I tripped under a streetlight. It's like I was putting on a little show for the whole street.

Good time. Good times.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Tiding you over!

So I've been taking this summer semester abroad, and I came home thinking that it was a fun two weeks and I find out that I have tons and tons of papers, books to read, and tests to take. Awesome stuff. When I am not doing that stuff I practice my guitar and hang around the house or go hiking. It's fun although I find myself in a rut again which means that as soon as this semester is over I am going to be starting my do something goal back up.

Until then I don't have much to talk about, although I did try something cool today. I was wanting chocolate since I've been anti anything sweet lately. SO! I was googling things and guess what I found. Fake girl scout cookies. I decided to try thin mints and tagalongs today.

Not gonna lie, the first batch was a major stinker. A dud. A flop. A train wreck so colossal that I am almost ashamed to call myself a baker.

The second batch was pretty dang good, although it still has a few kinks in it that I need to take care of but Kaching for me because now I don't have to wait for that one time of the year to get girl scout cookies. Be jealous everyone. Be jealous.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 49=This is Farewell.

Only for a month though. I'm going to be incredibly busy getting ready for China, and then being in China away from civilization, so I unfortunately won't be able to do update like I'd hope to.

I'm trying to keep myself focused on this semester so I'll be back everyone, and I'll miss this!

Peace out guys, and I'll talk to you again soon!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 41-48=Cruise!

Since I did something new every single day I just wanted to talk about some of the highlights of my week...that and I don't remember everything because I refused to get on a computer while at sea so I didn't keep a very good journal of the trip. I know, I know, I'm terrible sometimes.

Our cruise ship was massive, and at first really hard to navigate around in, but when I got past the initial confusion I was able to get wherever I wanted.

We spent most of the 5 hours before leaving port walking around. There was some Island sounds coming from midship and we traveled along the top dancing to it. Pretty fun...although everyone else thought I was insane including my family. I personally think I looked awesome!

We were just sitting around a lot, but excited!

Then we had to wait an extra half hour to leave because someone was rushed off the ship in an ambulance. It would stink to be so close to having a relaxing vacation but then have it wrecked by leaving on ambulance seconds before departure. Anyways, we sat on the deck for awhile before giving up and finally going to dinner.

We spent the next two days on the sea traveling down the California coast to Puerta Vallarta (sp?) and we spent it enjoying the buffet. Just kidding. The buffet wasn't ever open, so I spent those two days mostly reading the last minute book assignments I was given for my China trip next week. (I will be keeping better track of that trip considering journal entries are what they are grading me on.)

I also went sunbathing and I ended up looking like a tomato, but I healed pretty quickly.

I always love the towel animals they put on your bed at nights. Favorite one this week...

We pulled into Puerto on Wednesday, and went on an "extreme hiking" excursion which was pretty fun. It gave me a chance to practice my hiking skills for my class I'm taking in the fall. Yes, I am stoked. Do you even have to ask?

We hiked through the mountains overlooking the town, and at times it seemed like the uphill climb would never end. We reached the top in one piece though, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

We then traveled back down, across a river, and through the town to a tequila tasting factory, which I didn't get to actually do. I guess I'm just not a drinker.

The next day we landed in Mazatlan which was gorgeous. Instead of hiking, we decided to go on a bus tour to different towns to see things like a brick making factory, bakery, tile, and pottery factory.

Next day we got to Cabo where we took a tender to the beach.

My mom, Ben, and I took the opportunity to go para sailing, and it was exhilarating.

Then we wanted to go swimming on one of the beaches and this is where we learned something. Don't trust anyone who says that their price is the lowest. They are ripping you off. One water taxi place charged us 10 bucks per person round trip to get to the beach. Later on in the day when we came back to town we heard people offering to take people for 4 bucks per person.

The second thing I learned is try to avoid people who drink because they don't care about taking a half hour out of your trip over to the beach to ask the boat driver to take them to a shop to get more alcohol. They then make stupid jokes that aren't funny, and take even more time out of your trip to a beach getting of the ship because they are rocking from the boat and the alcohol.

By the time we got to the beach we had to go back because we didn't have time. It was a very disappointing thing.

We went shopping before we got back on the tender to go back to the ship and pulled out of port.

The rest of the trip was pretty fun. We went to different bars on the ship, and watched different shows, you know the usual cruise shindig.

Overall it was a fun trip, although I didn't like the nonstop waiters asking me if I wanted a drink. I purposefully tried to look underage on this trip to avoid it but I think I got asked more times than anyone in my family.

Next trip? I'm thinking Mediterranean cruise.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 41=Stansbury

I went to a wedding reception today for a cake I was doing and it was in Stansbury Parkway. Never been there, but it is such a cute little town, although the slow drivers was a downside to it. I also have never heard so many horns honking on a main road in a town before.

When I asked why people were honking my mom informed me that in small towns people drive down main street to see who is out on the town, and honk their horns to say hello...or something like that.

I guess that's a cool little tidbit of info. Congrats to us all for learning something new today.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 40=You know that thing I had in mind yesterday?

Well I did it today my friends.

We redid my bathroom while I was at school about a year ago. After we put in new counters and floors, my mom decided she wanted to repaint it because it was this BRIGHT purple that made me queasy in the mornings, but enough about my upchuck reflex!

So we repainted it, and then we decided we needed a towel rack that matched the faucets, and blah, blah, blah. A year later and we still hadn't put up the towel rack. Me being the awesome person I am decided enough was enough and I'd do it on my own. (First mistake)

So all the tools in hand...well not at once because there are way to many for one hand, am I right?...sorry, tangent. Eh hem, back to my awesome story.

After hammering away for awhile my dad came up and decided to help me. I love my dad for these moments. He's always willing to lend a hand when someone obviously bit off more than they can chew (Give you one guess who that was in this scenario). So he jumped in to help, and at one point we had to get a screw out of an anchor(Is that what it's called? Yes, I am such a girl.) and he was holding on to the anchor with pliers and I was unscrewing the screw, and I ended up slipping, and TADA! (Mistake number 2)

I personally feel that it looks a lot cooler in person, and even cooler before I cleaned it up, and blood was gushing out.

So after that fun fiasco we finished it up and ya. I'm so awesome at handiwork around the house. I could totally be a construction worker...I'll stick to working in the food court for now.

My mom told me that I had to look happy so here ya go. Haha

Day 39=I had something in mind...

...and that is where it stayed. Unfortunately my friends, I was unable to do something new yesterday because I was stuck inside making a cake. The only thing I was able to do other than cakery enjoyment was work out. I went back on exercise ondemand to see what else they had.

OH that counts, that counts!

So for the work out they had this thing called Carkioke.

It is a combination of dance, and cardio, but you sing along with the songs they play so that you work on your breathing. That is the idea of it anyways. I just found myself feeling stupid because my family was watching TV in the room next to me. Haha.

It was fun though, and I would do it again.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 38=Pinata Party!

So I finally finished the pinata after a grand total of I think 13 hours...not quite sure. It's amazing how something that takes so much work can be beaten in under a minute. Oh well!

It weighed a ton!

So the new thing for today is that I got the opportunity to go to one of my good friends missionary call party (It's actually where I took the pinata to be demolished. It surprisingly didn't hold up. Haha).

I've never actually been in the presence of someone when they open their call, and I was surprised at how cool it was.

To be there when someone takes such a huge step, and reaches a point where all their hard work pays off to be able to go on a mission is really cool. I have never seen a person so happy, and full of faith in something that they're willing to leave family and friends for two years.

It's awe inspiring. Sometimes I wish I had as much faith in something. Way to go Jaron! I love ya, and congrats! You'll be an amazing missionary.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 37=Cinco De Mayo is Cool

I decided that this year I'd actually celebrate Cinco De Mayo. I had no idea what I'd do, but it hit me that pinata's are always a nice way to celebrate something. Especially if the holiday's name is in Spanish.

I figured why not make a pinata? So I started by blowing up a balloon and crumpling up newspaper and taping it to the balloon to make it look like a chile pepper. Then I started putting the newspaper on it, and I didn't realize this, but it takes a long time for it to dry, and I wanted to finish it tonight. Just in case anyone wondered what else you could do with a hairdryer besides dry your hair. Really good for drying paper machete. Although after 6 hours of it blowing on the thing I only want to naturally dry my hair now. The sound of it makes my ears scream.

After it was dried and the balloon was popped I started to glue on the tissue paper. 3 hours later and still not done, and I'm tired. So I'm going to bed, but I took an awesome picture of the little piece of Satan-I mean chile pepper and I together.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 36=Yoga is a Buttkicker!

I love finding new ways to be active and when I went to college I was wanting to take a yoga class but I could never get in.

So I'm off work today and decided to turn on the exercise on demand thing we have on our tv and I found that they had an entire section with yoga videos.

I learned something. Yoga hurts SO bad. I can't believe how much I'm dying in pain here. It was 50 minutes long, but it felt like FOREVER!

If anyone wants to get into shape, take up yoga!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 35=I'd Be a Terrible Street Performer!

So people walk their dogs a lot in our neighborhoods. This is a problem when you are doing things that can be perceived as weird. For example drawing things with chalk on your driveway when you clearly are not a little kid...who does that? Oh wait-me.

Another thing could be a person randomly playing a guitar and singing on the street in front of a house. This is exactly what I did tonight. I have always wanted to go traveling across the US, making money by playing my guitar and singing. I love all of those things, but I've never played on the street before. Yes I realize playing on the curb in front of my house isn't really playing on the street but it's like training for a marathon. Little steps here people! Little steps.

As I was sitting on the curb playing the songs I'd learned I realized I know 1 really well, 2 kind of well, and 1 not so well. I wouldn't be able to perform because people would get sick of hearing the same 4 songs over and over. I also realized I am a wuss because when one of my neighbors walked by with their dog I kind of did one of those "I'm just warming up" faces and started doing finger exercises and stopped singing. Haha I would fail miserably at this whole performing for strangers thing, which is surprising since I can get on a stage with an audience and feel at home. Weird!

The new thing isn't this...

I just had a really fun time last night, and I felt like writing about it.

Before I begin I want to stress how much I hate first dates. I hate it so much because I am nervous and have a hard time keeping my brain working. I try and think of interesting stuff to talk about, and I end up just sounding stupid. The whole thing freaks me out, and the past few dates I've been on in the last year have sucked out loud.

So last night I went bowling with a few friends, and somehow it turned into a date. There were three girls, and three boys.

One couple=actually are together and dating.
Second couple=I have no clue, but they were acting like a couple.
3rd couple=Me and my good friend Dallin.

So Dallin and I were mocking the other couples all night, and calling each other the cheesiest pet names we could come up with. (You know you're digging in the bottom of the barrel when you are resorting to Schnookums.)

Throughout the night the music was getting stopped by an annoying worker who apparently knew everyone in the joint, because she would keep making these announcements about her friends birthday, or future marriage, or graduation, and it was getting annoying.

We thought up a brilliant plan to have someone ask to make an announcement because they were wanting to propose to their girlfriend and I thought the perfect couple in our group would be numero uno because they were the only ones dating.

I have a wedding ring on my keychain (Joke with a few old roomies. No I am not weird.) and I handed it over to Jarrod who was there with Kate and he went up to ask about the announcement.

After I bowl my frame I sit down and Jarrod hands me the ring and says I might need it. I am totally confused until the music stops, and the girl comes on and says

"Tonight we have a few anniversaries. Ginnie and Dallin are sharing their second anniversary tonight!" Then she said something else, but I wasn't paying attention because I was in shock. SO me in all my brilliance put on the ring and Dallin and I were married for the night. Aw tender!

After that we went through a breakup, seperation, divorce, and then wanting each other back. It was the weirdest/randomest/funnest date I've been on SO lets just say Dallin you are awesome and thanks for helping me feel better about getting back into dating!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 33 and 34=stick shift, graduation, and cleaning

Sorry, I did my new thing for the day and then rushed out the door to head down to Ephraim for a few friends graduation.

My new thing for Friday was that I finally learned how to drive a stick shift. I'm far from being good at it, but I know a little about it now, and I decided it made me feel like I was 16 and awkward again, especially when a group of people walked by the church parking lot and just stared. How can it get any cooler you may ask. I had to leave right after so I was wearing my heals. So I felt like a bond girl.

So I got to Ephraim safely and watched graduation happen, which was absolutely amazing, and it made me miss actually living on my own and going to school. Besides that it was awesome to see some of my friends graduating.

After graduation I went to say goodbye to some friends, and I felt super bad for them because some of their roommates left without helping to clean. Nothing was done, so me, in my heels, helped clean their kitchen.

That is my new thing for today. Cleaning in heals is SO much harder than you'd think. I would have taken them off, but I didn't want to walk on their floor. Haha, I felt like Beavers mother from Leave it to Beaver. Kudos Mama Beaver.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 32=Feeling sick, and other things

I couldn't sleep all last night, and finally conked out around 7. When I woke up at 9 for work I felt nauseous so I called out sick. I felt a lot better later in the day so I went shopping because I need to get some stuff for my cruise, and for China.

I just want to point out that nothing makes you feel bad about yourself quite like shopping for bathing suits. I've never felt completely comfortable with the idea of running around in a swimsuit, so I usually just try on one pieces.

Today since I needed to do something new I decided to be scandalous and try on a bikini, and I would just like to applaud girls that feel comfortable enough to go outside a changing room in a bikini. Not only are they uncomfortable, but the constant threat of a wardrobe malfunction is a little to much for me.

There are pictures, but they will probably go bye bye within the next few minutes. Sorry, I know all of you would like to see them. (Note the sarcasm.)

So I have a new found respect for those that love their body enough to show it off the way bikinis do it. It's pretty hard to do, so I admire ya'll.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 31=I'm no Duke of Hazard

I'm also not Daisy Duke because
A. I'm not wearing booty shorts, and
B. I'm not built like Mizz Daisy.

I got close though. I am wearing shortish running shorts, and my hair is all curled and pretty...ok that was an odd tangent.

Anyways, I was pondering what to do today, and it hit me that I've never watched Dukes of Hazard. Watching it isn't the new thing for today, because that would be stupid, but it did inspire me for today's task.

I've never slid across the hood of a car. So I took a running start, went to slide, and this is where I failed miserably. Instead of sliding I kind of just plunked down on it. My hip is going to be nice and purple tomorrow. I think I'll need to try it again one day. I'm sure it's a very important skill to have when you're running from the cops, and we all know how often I run from cops. I am a rebel after all.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 30=Snails and other things

This morning I was running late for work so I ran out the door and happened to find a snake laying on our pathway. I wanted to pick it up because I've never even touched one, but I'd be even more late if I tried to stop and take a picture of me doing it, so I continued on my merry way.

After work I came home, and I found a HUGE line of slime, and a slow moving snail on one end of it. Sad to say, but I've never touched a snail either. I lead a deprived life. I mean I had a snail once as a pet, but I'd never touched it because it was "icky." It seemed like the universe was throwing stuff at me so I decided I'd take the opportunity to stop and touch the ugly glob.

Not going to lie, the girly girl in me came out and I was slightly disgusted when I picked it up because some of the slime had dried and it made a cracking noise when I moved it. I named it Kirby.

Proof I am not just holding a shell.

And my disgusted face when it started moving. I actually don't mind nature so much anymore.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 29=I stink at confectionary stuff...


I am getting the opportunity to test around with some things for a gift for some friends that are graduating, and it's insane because I come up with these ideas that sound WAY good in my head, and then when I try them they either blow up in my face, or stick to the pan, and smell like burnt sugar.

I wanted to make a caramel cream cheese filling which I've done in the past with that caramel syrup stuff, but I had caramel candy sitting around the house from the party the other night, and no one in my family including me likes caramels unless they're home made.

So my brilliancy really shown through tonight, and I thought why not melt the stuff and put it into the cream cheese frosting that I made?

I spent a nice 20 minutes unwrapping the stupid things and put them in the broiler and started heating it up.

First mistake. I didn't put anything in it except the caramels and apparently they get sticky when they begin to melt, so I hurried and put butter in trying to see if I could make it a nice creamy smooth texture and instead it coated a caramel blob with a bunch of fat.

Finally it started to get liquid-y so I got a spatula and began to pour it into the cream cheese frosting. I turn on the beater and for some reason it is having a hard time beating it so I stop it and grab a spoon. I go to scoop some and, no joke, the caramel solidified the second it touched the cool frosting. So I had a frosting coated caramel blob.

And you know what? It tasted pretty good, although I don't think I can ever really use it for a frosting...but it is always fun to mess around with things and see what I can create.

K seriously. I am thinking about this, and I swear half of my posts are about my mess ups or successes with baking and cakes.

Enough is enough people! Healthy living is not eating junk food 24/7. I dare myself to go 2 weeks without counting food anything as my new thing for the day.

If I don't do it I something totally embarrassing, and let you all laugh at me. Not like that's anything new. Am I right?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 28=Jazz Game!

So my dad and brother love The Jazz. They went to a game this past week, and I got the chance to go tonight. It was so incredibly fun, and here is why.

1. The signs people make are hilarious. For example "Sorry Bishop," or "I love getting booze on Sunday."

2. Apollo Anton Ohno not only was in the audience but he got to launch a t-shirt into our section.

3. I have a slight crush on Kyle Korver...sorry Madi.

4. I got to spend time with my family.

5. It's so much easier to get into basketball when you're actually there.

6. I got to laugh at all the girls that decided to go to the game with super tight pants and 5 inch platform heals that couldn't walk.

and finally

7. The Jazz won, and it was thrilling.

Me before the game because my mom saw the no camera sign and thought it would be better just to put the camera back in the car.

Day 27=Partay!

So I had an awesome time in a play I was in but had to drop out. It made me super sad, and I missed everyone.

So they had a play going on in Logan, and I wanted to see them, and we planned to have a sleepover party thing last night. It was the first time I've had a boy girl sleepover.

I love hosting parties. I go all out, so I'm really glad I did it.

Thanks guys!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 26=I'm super creative I guess

I wanted to make a birdhouse out of Popsicle sticks. I go to get some and decide I'm going to decorate a birdhouse. Then I decided screw that, I'm going to decorate a picture frame. I like decorating a lot I guess.

So I bought a cool turn table picture frame thing and decorated it to match my room. It's gonna stink when I move out though considering everything I make matches my room at home. I'll have to decorate my future homes to fit my old room I guess...

It turned out so pretty!

:) Another day done!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 25=I'm SO tired!

I seriously sat around for a half hour deciding what I should do. I have done a few new-ish things today, but most of them are things I was required to do based on my job, so I try not to count that stuff to much. There was a lot I came up with but I was either to tired, or not given enough time to do it.

Wow this could be my new thing. Making up excuses for why I haven't done a new thing. Yes? No, I'm kidding.

After the half hour was up, I decided I wanted to go to bed, so I just laid upside down and played a tune on the old piano. Never done it before, and I won't tell you which tune because it's a really easy one.

You like my oomph for today's fun adventure?

It's new though, and tomorrow should be better. Sorry guys!

Day 24=I Feel Like I'm at Girl's Camp

So it rolls around to 6 last night and I realize I hadn't done anything for my "Do Something" goal. So frantically I was thinking about what I could do.

My mom had to go to the library to drop a book off so I asked her if she could get a craft book while she was there. When I was flipping through the book I saw a section about making bracelet's so I figured I'd give it a shot. I mean I've made bracelets before but they were usually just a piece of string with mismatching beads on it.

This one called for elastic, ribbon, and buttons, and this is how cool my family is.

While I was making it I go to show my dad and the first thing he asks is "So wait, are you making a garter?" Two things went through my head. What kind of person does my dad think I am to make a garter, and why would I need a garter?

Oh I love my family.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 23=There's An Art to Ice Cream?

Today I did something that wasn't really by choice, but it was a new experience for sure.

So they are having to cut hours at my work, and since I work only a few at Robin Hood they pretty much cut me out entirely, so I moved over to Taco Bell about a month ago.

Something exciting came to my attention and I decided it was time for me to learn how to run Baskin Robbins. Believe me when I say that the reasoning for the switch is totally dorky, and not needing to be told because I'd be extremely embarrassed.

Anyways, today was my first day over at Baskin Robbins, and surprisingly there is actually an art to how you scoop ice-cream...not kidding.

In fact I got schooled on how I need to scoop it, and then I was ordered to practice scooping for the rest of my time working there. Personally I'm only thinking of one thing when I'm eating ice cream and that is "Dang I wish I had more." No where in my thought process am I thinking, "Wow, the worker really made this scoop circular. It's like a perfect sphere. I shall continue getting my ice cream from said worker just for the fact that they took an extra few seconds to make it pretty."

I mean don't get me wrong, standing around continually scooping ice cream, AND getting paid for it is pretty cool, and I can now scoop ice cream perfectly. Ya, everyone be jealous of my skill.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 22=All Tied Up

Now that I'm older, I've switched over to big girl shoes (heels). Sometimes I wonder if I even remember how to tie shoelaces, and the only time I get to practice this incredibly important skill is when I put on my sneakers to go running, and I've gotten out of practice tying things up lately, if ya know what I mean. wink wink...ya I need to work out more. Moving on!

It's amazing how much I don't do in the way of tying. I haven't ever tied a tie, which is kind of sad considering how much I may need it in my future jobs. I mean if you doubt that just go look at the Olive Garden waiters. All of them look super snazzy in their white button up shirts with nicely tied ties around their neck. It is well beyond my time to learn how to achieve this formal look.

So I got my dads ties, well, the ones he said were cheap enough for me to use(makes you wonder where he was going with that), and he showed me how to do it. So much more goes into it than I expected. It was fun though, so I kept practicing....

Props for you guys out there that master tying. At least now I have a skill that will help me look professional.

Ok, so maybe I'm never going to wear ties, but at least I can help the uneducated little kids of the world that wear clip on ties because they have only learned to tie their shoes.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 21=I Look SO Old...

...or just my furniture.

The furniture in my room very well may be older than my parents marriage. They bought it used for my sister, and when she went off to college I was bestowed with it. (I actually like the rustic look of it.)

My senior year of high school my musical director was giving away stuff that he didn't need anymore, and for some reason I was drawn to this ugly gold stool. It sat in the corner of my room for 3 years sticking out like a sore thumb, and finally I decided to change that. Antique time! Which is really fun because you can get all dirty from the paint and rags.

So I went and got some crackle paint type stuff from the craft store down the road and started on it. First I had to spray paint it a cream-ish color.

By this point it looked like one of those stools they use in glamor studios. I was so tempted to sit on it and pose like Kip and the Uncle in Napoleon Dynamite in that one scene with Deb, but I refrained.

Then I painted it with this crackle paint and it ended up looking stupid...not gonna lie. The crackle didn't crackle like I'd hoped, and I thought it was going to crackle the cream base paint, but it just crackled on itself, and since the stuff was clear it looked like someone took a sponge to it and messed up a bad paint job (Sorry if that didn't make any sense. My crackle art is a touchy subject that makes me form run on sentences apparently).

Then I got some acrylic paints and made a brownish, grayish, watery paste and spread it all over with a rag. It actually turned out decent for my first time, and my hands got all brown and gunky from it to. Yay for gunk!

Now my 3 year old stool will fit in with my much older furniture!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 20=The big 2-0

It's days like today that I have to sit and wonder if I really accomplished anything.

I mean I haven't worked out for four weeks, and I finally got off my tush and went running. Running 2 miles after not doing anything physical probably wasn't the smartest thing to do, but I got past the gag reflex, and I'm proud to say I did it. Even though this is an accomplishment I wouldn't exactly classify it as one of my "do something" moments. It has to be something new after all.

I figured since I've hit the 20th day it would be important to commemorate it with something stupendous and astounding but unfortunately I slacked off today (My use of big words makes you think I'm smart, huh?). So since I clearly stated it could be something new, either mediocre or awesome, I think I'll be safe with this one.

I got a mango a couple of days ago, and yes I've tried them, that isn't the new part. Geez, I may be a deprived person but give me some credit here. Usually I peel the skin off and then cut it off the pit ever so beautifully, and then eat it like a lady.

The mango was finally ripe so I decided I'd partake in it's juicy goodness so I got a knife and started to peel the skin. Unfortunately it wouldn't cut. The skin just kept ripping and it became confetti in the garbage can. So after about 10 minutes of pointless peeling I decided to ditch that and dig in like an ape.

Yes, I am secure in my humanity enough to compare myself to a primate.

Now if you walked in on me eating it you either thought one of two things.

1. I am a Neanderthal.
2. I am practicing for a role on Lost as one of the survivors of flight 815.

I will take the latter. I think I'd be awesome on that island. I have all the personality traits that would make for an awesome character. (And yes, I am being facetious.)

Day 19= I have to stop making promises...

Because I obviously can't keep them. My career is cake decorator, and since it takes up so much time it's hard to do anything else when I have a cake to make, but thankfully it involves trying new things all the time. Yesterday I got the opportunity to go see some friends in a play they were doing in Logan. Since I'm weird I wanted to make them something nice for opening night so I made these cake ball type things that looked like truffles. I've never done it before and it is actually a bit more effort then you'd think. So without further ado, that is my new thing for Friday.

And a close up. SO cute!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 18=You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

Name what musical that song is in. Ready, set, GO!

Anyways. So I'm either smiling or I have the "auto-pilot," am I really here, look on my face most days. I blame school. I try and not frown, but sometimes it happens.

Today I decided that I would not go on auto-pilot. I had to wear a smile the entire day. Not just a little smile either. I had to smile wholeheartedly, and not just with my mouth, but with my eyes. Oh ya, I went the extra mile.

It started off really well since I went to class and there is this guy in it that I'm all googoo for, so I had it easy. It was going really well until I went to my dad's office where one of his coworkers was talking about death, and I didn't think it was really appropriate to smile when someone is talking about that subject, so I had to tone it down to a mere eye smile.

After an hour of that I decided I needed to head home, and once I got home after a whole car ride smiling again, I realized my cheeks hurt so bad. Not only that, but I had smile lines in my make up. It actually made me laugh a whole lot which didn't help with the hurt cheeks.

I have no idea how the Princesses at Disneyland do it. Kudos to you Cinderella, Kudos to you.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 17=I learned 2 very important things today...

Number 1: When it comes to chalk drawing, I lack creativity.
And Number 2: Some of my clothes look like they go on an eight year old. Especially when I wear pigtails. (Yes I did play this up.)

So I checked my chalk today and voila!

Chalk is born.

Today I wanted to keep in the chalky mood, so I decided I'd amp up my sidewalk chalk experiences and draw some intense hardcore one of a kind Giovanna masterpieces. I was totally stoked to start having my creative juices flowing. Chalk in hand I got ready to draw!

And I decided to start of easy with words...

I know what you're thinking. I'm Alright moving on.

This is another thing I learned. Dressing up like a little kid and drawing with sidewalk chalk can either be really fun, or really embarrassing depending on if neighbors you know drive by and honk their horn.

My mom wanted to start cooking dinner so she didn't capture any more pictures of my beautiful backside as I drew so this is me after I was done...

And my name. It's like the signature at the bottom of paintings. Except Graffiti-like.

So today's do something wasn't really new since I ended up drawing like I was an eight year old. Oh well. Today was still fun! :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 16=My future children will be like Pioneers

I loved drawing with chalk when I was little. My neighbors and I would get together and trace ourselves, or draw flowers, or the occasional tree when we felt really artsy.

I haven't done it in years, and so I decided I wanted to draw a masterpiece since I haven't ever done that before. Unfortunately I'm weird, and buying chalk is so last decade for me so I decided I would make my own. I actually didn't think it was something you could whip up on your own.

So I Googled. I love Google. It turns out that it's a lot easier to find a recipe for chalk then for good cake (just thought I'd state my dislike for people that think they are amazing chefs and post their not so amazing cake recipes for unsuspecting people to stumble upon). Apparently you can make it with plaster, water, and tempera paint. I broke out the plastic bowls, and spoons, and the toilet paper rolls, and went to the driveway.

Can you tell I'm kinda tired? Maybe a little cold? Nah, I wasn't either...honest.

I was gonna draw with my newly made chalk, but apparently it has to dry at least 24 hours. Sad day. Oh well. I decided though that my future children will have to work for their chalk priveleges. No going to the store and buying chalk for them. Psh. They're making it, and they're gonna like it.

Expect a chalky masterpiece story and picture on tomorrows post.

Oh and my night in the fort was actually the best sleep I've gotten in a while. I suggest you guys try it sometime and put about a foot of pillows on the floor of it. It's heaven.