Monday, September 13, 2010

My legs are burning with the fire of a thousand suns

I'm in a jogging class this semester and we had to run on the football field track thing. After the class finished I still had a lot of energy and I decided I would run some more. Unfortunately the track team had started to practice. The only option other than not running was to run the stadium steps.

So I did. Now my legs feel like Lucifer has set them afire. AFIRE I say!

I feel like a champ. I'll have to keep practicing.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

This has turned into a blog about cakes...

So I'm making a cake for a wedding, but the bride and groom have been pretty indecisive when it came to the cake flavorings so for the first time I'm doing a taste test. Fingers crossed. They're doing it at my house, and hopefully the cakes taste alright. I can just see them trying to be polite in front of me and the second they get into their cars looking at each other with disgusted looks on their faces.

In all honesty, that might be funny. At least they know what they're getting into.

I also deep cleaned the kitchen. All these valuable skills on my path to wife-hood and mother-dom.

I'm beginning to get sick of cake in general. Overall cake is good, but when you make 16 cakes for a Facilities grand opening and then 9 mini cakes for a taste testing it makes you wonder what you ever saw in the delicious fluffy treat. That last sentence points to me still liking the stuff, but I don' least until I try a new flavor.

I tried a peach cake the other day. It was probably one of the most delicious things I'd ever made, due to the fact that I put the cream cheese frosting on while it was still slightly warm so it turned into a sort of glaze and made the cake taste amazing because it soaked up the frosting goodness.

Oh gosh, I'm making myself sick. I've decided if you ever want to get rid of cravings for a type of food, sacrifice your belt notches and just eat a little bit of said craving everyday and in excess. You won't be doing it for very long.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Not so much of a day...

So school started about two weeks ago. I also got another job on top of my job at the food court, and have been getting a cake order every now and then. To say that I'm busy would be an understatement.

The reason I say that it's not so much of a day is because sadly I didn't do anything new...alright if I'm being honest the past month has been a "Not so much of a day" in my do something goal.

I decided I would start doing it again because let's face it, fun little new things are...well fun. Great job at starting it back up huh? This week has been filled with cake this, and school that. Work in the orchard, work in the food court. I need a little adventure, and part of me wants to hop in my car and drive to somewhere new. Two problems.

1. Do to my lack of gas and the fact that I'm saving up my money for a huge month long trip next summer, buying gas to drive somewhere seems like it's a no go.

and 2. Driving alone on a school night, and trying to make it back in time for work at 8 isn't something I want to risk.

Instead I'm going to do something menial and hopefully tons of fun....oh and something I can do in about 10 minutes so I can go to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour.

Let's brainstorm shall we?


Write a song.

No. I mean, unless I sing about my love for cheese I see no way that, that would be achievable in such a small time frame.

And yes, I really am thinking of these off the top of my head. My witty and stupid sentences are really coming to my head as I'm typing.

OH I know. I'm going to sleep on my bed backwards like Pippi Longstocking.

Wait no...that would be easy for a cartoon character who doesn't need a constant supply of oxygen, but I'm afraid being in such close proximity with blanket, blanket, and more blanket, might cause me to suffocate.

Paint my nails all different colors?

Nope working with food means nothing toxic. Psh, like my lead laced nail polish would cause someone to get sick...oh you really can? No wonder they discontinued my favorite brand. (Just kidding. I have never owned lead nail polish.)

Okay, this is a bust. No, you know what I'm gonna do. I had a friend who was super close when I was little, and we had a birthday get together and she got me this HUGE stuffed dog, that I named Patch. I'm grabbin him and snuggling up close with that baby. Who needs a man when you have a fake dog?!

It may not be all that new, but I haven't done it since I was little. Now, where did I put him. Tonight I'm gonna sleep like a baby. Night everyone!