Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 52 = Backyard Camping and a Raccoon

I have wanted to go camping for weeks! After asking about 10 times to multiple people and facebook posts I decided I'd have to go by myself. Since my family hates camping we don't own a tent, so my first hurdle was having to get one. I asked around and some people had one, but since this was a last minute thing I pretty much had to make one. Then I remembered that the sprinklers would go off in the morning. This meant the lawn was not an option.

So I set up camp on my back porch. I had to make do with what I had. I also don't have a camera with a flash so I had to hurry and make the tent before the sun set.

I couldn't quite get the fire right, so I had to improvise.

I got a small fire going. Unfortunately it wasn't big enough to roast anything. Darn...I was so excited to make me some roasted mallows.

I was just fooling around at this point. Little did I know these few pictures were foreboding of how my camping would end.

I feel like I'm on the cover of a Hardy Boys book in this one...

Me in my tent.

And the final image of the night before it go way to dark to take pictures. I was really excited to finally camp out.

I went to bed around ten and I was fast asleep until my cat Jinks pounced on me around 11:30. I scolded her, and as I was drifting off to sleep I suddenly heard a rustle in the bushes beneath my spot on the porch. I'm thinking it's Jinks because I couldn't see her after the scolding. So I call her name and all of a sudden I hear growling and something dart from the bushes and hit the fence at the bottom of the hill in my backyard.

It didn't connect that it wasn't my cat, and so I laid back down. Then as I sat there I heard the rustling coming back up the hill, growling, and my cat meowing at my feet which meant that it wasn't her. Then I heard the growling noise back in the bushes under me.

I wouldn't be scared if I had a real tent, and not two sheets hung on a rope, and if I knew what it was, but it felt like it was circling me luring me into a scared little ball in my sheet tent.

So with adrenaline pumping I bolted. If I was grabbing everything any faster I may have forgotten to step out of my sleeping bag and fell. Then I'd be nicely wrapped for the raccoon to eat me.

With everything in hand I started calling Jinks, but she wouldn't come. She kept looking over the edge of the porch. Finally I had to entice her with a treat and she came running inside after me. The entire time the raccoon was growling under our feet.

Now I'm wide awake, and my camping experience was a bust. Oh well. Maybe next time I try to camp out I won't run into a raccoon.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 51 = Apparently I'm not woman enough...

You know the whole belief that women have the ability to multi task? I think I prove that theory wrong. I got off work today and had to make bread pudding for a coworker. After shopping for supplies and rushing home I decided I'd take on the task of baking, writing a paper, watching tv, talking to my mom, and texting a friend.

One problem. Apparently my ability with multi tasking only goes so far. Sure I've watched tv and done homework, or listened to music, cleaned my room, and talked to my mom, but doing more than three things at a time makes a crappy end product.

The bread pudding had to much liquid and ended up not baking properly, the paper document was opened but not touched, the movie passed before I even knew it was on, my mom went to bed without me noticing, and my texting conversation went well...shows where my priorities lie.

Practice makes perfect though, so I may try it again tomorrow. Just kidding...alright I'm slightly telling the truth. Maybe I'll take out writing a paper. That's a joke. I need to crack down on that before Thursday comes and I have NOTHING.

Day 50 = The concrete isn't that soft...

Today I decided to take a jog, and I felt pretty dang good about myself, although all of my sweats are now about 5 sizes to big, and so I have to make multiple attempts at pulling my pants up so I don't moon poor children who happen to look out their window at the wrong time. So I was on top of the world and I saw the finish line in the distance ie. my house, and I end up having to weave around cars (neighbors were having a party with a ton of cars) and I get to a point where I'm going to have to jump up a curb. I jumped, and I went up, but unfortunately what goes up must come down, and the toe of my shoe hits the curb and the sidewalk and my face shared a tender moment. I do a roll and then do this James Bond or Jackie Chan move and hop up and keep running. It was pretty awesome. That semester in Tae Kwon Do REALLY taught me something.

I have never EVER, in all the time that I've gone running, biffed it. Not only that but there are some obnoxious neighbors two doors up from me, and they just so happened to be out in their driveway.

Oh and it was nighttime by this point, and I tripped under a streetlight. It's like I was putting on a little show for the whole street.

Good time. Good times.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Tiding you over!

So I've been taking this summer semester abroad, and I came home thinking that it was a fun two weeks and I find out that I have tons and tons of papers, books to read, and tests to take. Awesome stuff. When I am not doing that stuff I practice my guitar and hang around the house or go hiking. It's fun although I find myself in a rut again which means that as soon as this semester is over I am going to be starting my do something goal back up.

Until then I don't have much to talk about, although I did try something cool today. I was wanting chocolate since I've been anti anything sweet lately. SO! I was googling things and guess what I found. Fake girl scout cookies. I decided to try thin mints and tagalongs today.

Not gonna lie, the first batch was a major stinker. A dud. A flop. A train wreck so colossal that I am almost ashamed to call myself a baker.

The second batch was pretty dang good, although it still has a few kinks in it that I need to take care of but Kaching for me because now I don't have to wait for that one time of the year to get girl scout cookies. Be jealous everyone. Be jealous.