Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 49=This is Farewell.

Only for a month though. I'm going to be incredibly busy getting ready for China, and then being in China away from civilization, so I unfortunately won't be able to do update like I'd hope to.

I'm trying to keep myself focused on this semester so I'll be back everyone, and I'll miss this!

Peace out guys, and I'll talk to you again soon!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 41-48=Cruise!

Since I did something new every single day I just wanted to talk about some of the highlights of my week...that and I don't remember everything because I refused to get on a computer while at sea so I didn't keep a very good journal of the trip. I know, I know, I'm terrible sometimes.

Our cruise ship was massive, and at first really hard to navigate around in, but when I got past the initial confusion I was able to get wherever I wanted.

We spent most of the 5 hours before leaving port walking around. There was some Island sounds coming from midship and we traveled along the top dancing to it. Pretty fun...although everyone else thought I was insane including my family. I personally think I looked awesome!

We were just sitting around a lot, but excited!

Then we had to wait an extra half hour to leave because someone was rushed off the ship in an ambulance. It would stink to be so close to having a relaxing vacation but then have it wrecked by leaving on ambulance seconds before departure. Anyways, we sat on the deck for awhile before giving up and finally going to dinner.

We spent the next two days on the sea traveling down the California coast to Puerta Vallarta (sp?) and we spent it enjoying the buffet. Just kidding. The buffet wasn't ever open, so I spent those two days mostly reading the last minute book assignments I was given for my China trip next week. (I will be keeping better track of that trip considering journal entries are what they are grading me on.)

I also went sunbathing and I ended up looking like a tomato, but I healed pretty quickly.

I always love the towel animals they put on your bed at nights. Favorite one this week...

We pulled into Puerto on Wednesday, and went on an "extreme hiking" excursion which was pretty fun. It gave me a chance to practice my hiking skills for my class I'm taking in the fall. Yes, I am stoked. Do you even have to ask?

We hiked through the mountains overlooking the town, and at times it seemed like the uphill climb would never end. We reached the top in one piece though, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

We then traveled back down, across a river, and through the town to a tequila tasting factory, which I didn't get to actually do. I guess I'm just not a drinker.

The next day we landed in Mazatlan which was gorgeous. Instead of hiking, we decided to go on a bus tour to different towns to see things like a brick making factory, bakery, tile, and pottery factory.

Next day we got to Cabo where we took a tender to the beach.

My mom, Ben, and I took the opportunity to go para sailing, and it was exhilarating.

Then we wanted to go swimming on one of the beaches and this is where we learned something. Don't trust anyone who says that their price is the lowest. They are ripping you off. One water taxi place charged us 10 bucks per person round trip to get to the beach. Later on in the day when we came back to town we heard people offering to take people for 4 bucks per person.

The second thing I learned is try to avoid people who drink because they don't care about taking a half hour out of your trip over to the beach to ask the boat driver to take them to a shop to get more alcohol. They then make stupid jokes that aren't funny, and take even more time out of your trip to a beach getting of the ship because they are rocking from the boat and the alcohol.

By the time we got to the beach we had to go back because we didn't have time. It was a very disappointing thing.

We went shopping before we got back on the tender to go back to the ship and pulled out of port.

The rest of the trip was pretty fun. We went to different bars on the ship, and watched different shows, you know the usual cruise shindig.

Overall it was a fun trip, although I didn't like the nonstop waiters asking me if I wanted a drink. I purposefully tried to look underage on this trip to avoid it but I think I got asked more times than anyone in my family.

Next trip? I'm thinking Mediterranean cruise.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 41=Stansbury

I went to a wedding reception today for a cake I was doing and it was in Stansbury Parkway. Never been there, but it is such a cute little town, although the slow drivers was a downside to it. I also have never heard so many horns honking on a main road in a town before.

When I asked why people were honking my mom informed me that in small towns people drive down main street to see who is out on the town, and honk their horns to say hello...or something like that.

I guess that's a cool little tidbit of info. Congrats to us all for learning something new today.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 40=You know that thing I had in mind yesterday?

Well I did it today my friends.

We redid my bathroom while I was at school about a year ago. After we put in new counters and floors, my mom decided she wanted to repaint it because it was this BRIGHT purple that made me queasy in the mornings, but enough about my upchuck reflex!

So we repainted it, and then we decided we needed a towel rack that matched the faucets, and blah, blah, blah. A year later and we still hadn't put up the towel rack. Me being the awesome person I am decided enough was enough and I'd do it on my own. (First mistake)

So all the tools in hand...well not at once because there are way to many for one hand, am I right?...sorry, tangent. Eh hem, back to my awesome story.

After hammering away for awhile my dad came up and decided to help me. I love my dad for these moments. He's always willing to lend a hand when someone obviously bit off more than they can chew (Give you one guess who that was in this scenario). So he jumped in to help, and at one point we had to get a screw out of an anchor(Is that what it's called? Yes, I am such a girl.) and he was holding on to the anchor with pliers and I was unscrewing the screw, and I ended up slipping, and TADA! (Mistake number 2)

I personally feel that it looks a lot cooler in person, and even cooler before I cleaned it up, and blood was gushing out.

So after that fun fiasco we finished it up and ya. I'm so awesome at handiwork around the house. I could totally be a construction worker...I'll stick to working in the food court for now.

My mom told me that I had to look happy so here ya go. Haha

Day 39=I had something in mind...

...and that is where it stayed. Unfortunately my friends, I was unable to do something new yesterday because I was stuck inside making a cake. The only thing I was able to do other than cakery enjoyment was work out. I went back on exercise ondemand to see what else they had.

OH that counts, that counts!

So for the work out they had this thing called Carkioke.

It is a combination of dance, and cardio, but you sing along with the songs they play so that you work on your breathing. That is the idea of it anyways. I just found myself feeling stupid because my family was watching TV in the room next to me. Haha.

It was fun though, and I would do it again.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 38=Pinata Party!

So I finally finished the pinata after a grand total of I think 13 hours...not quite sure. It's amazing how something that takes so much work can be beaten in under a minute. Oh well!

It weighed a ton!

So the new thing for today is that I got the opportunity to go to one of my good friends missionary call party (It's actually where I took the pinata to be demolished. It surprisingly didn't hold up. Haha).

I've never actually been in the presence of someone when they open their call, and I was surprised at how cool it was.

To be there when someone takes such a huge step, and reaches a point where all their hard work pays off to be able to go on a mission is really cool. I have never seen a person so happy, and full of faith in something that they're willing to leave family and friends for two years.

It's awe inspiring. Sometimes I wish I had as much faith in something. Way to go Jaron! I love ya, and congrats! You'll be an amazing missionary.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 37=Cinco De Mayo is Cool

I decided that this year I'd actually celebrate Cinco De Mayo. I had no idea what I'd do, but it hit me that pinata's are always a nice way to celebrate something. Especially if the holiday's name is in Spanish.

I figured why not make a pinata? So I started by blowing up a balloon and crumpling up newspaper and taping it to the balloon to make it look like a chile pepper. Then I started putting the newspaper on it, and I didn't realize this, but it takes a long time for it to dry, and I wanted to finish it tonight. Just in case anyone wondered what else you could do with a hairdryer besides dry your hair. Really good for drying paper machete. Although after 6 hours of it blowing on the thing I only want to naturally dry my hair now. The sound of it makes my ears scream.

After it was dried and the balloon was popped I started to glue on the tissue paper. 3 hours later and still not done, and I'm tired. So I'm going to bed, but I took an awesome picture of the little piece of Satan-I mean chile pepper and I together.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 36=Yoga is a Buttkicker!

I love finding new ways to be active and when I went to college I was wanting to take a yoga class but I could never get in.

So I'm off work today and decided to turn on the exercise on demand thing we have on our tv and I found that they had an entire section with yoga videos.

I learned something. Yoga hurts SO bad. I can't believe how much I'm dying in pain here. It was 50 minutes long, but it felt like FOREVER!

If anyone wants to get into shape, take up yoga!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 35=I'd Be a Terrible Street Performer!

So people walk their dogs a lot in our neighborhoods. This is a problem when you are doing things that can be perceived as weird. For example drawing things with chalk on your driveway when you clearly are not a little kid...who does that? Oh wait-me.

Another thing could be a person randomly playing a guitar and singing on the street in front of a house. This is exactly what I did tonight. I have always wanted to go traveling across the US, making money by playing my guitar and singing. I love all of those things, but I've never played on the street before. Yes I realize playing on the curb in front of my house isn't really playing on the street but it's like training for a marathon. Little steps here people! Little steps.

As I was sitting on the curb playing the songs I'd learned I realized I know 1 really well, 2 kind of well, and 1 not so well. I wouldn't be able to perform because people would get sick of hearing the same 4 songs over and over. I also realized I am a wuss because when one of my neighbors walked by with their dog I kind of did one of those "I'm just warming up" faces and started doing finger exercises and stopped singing. Haha I would fail miserably at this whole performing for strangers thing, which is surprising since I can get on a stage with an audience and feel at home. Weird!

The new thing isn't this...

I just had a really fun time last night, and I felt like writing about it.

Before I begin I want to stress how much I hate first dates. I hate it so much because I am nervous and have a hard time keeping my brain working. I try and think of interesting stuff to talk about, and I end up just sounding stupid. The whole thing freaks me out, and the past few dates I've been on in the last year have sucked out loud.

So last night I went bowling with a few friends, and somehow it turned into a date. There were three girls, and three boys.

One couple=actually are together and dating.
Second couple=I have no clue, but they were acting like a couple.
3rd couple=Me and my good friend Dallin.

So Dallin and I were mocking the other couples all night, and calling each other the cheesiest pet names we could come up with. (You know you're digging in the bottom of the barrel when you are resorting to Schnookums.)

Throughout the night the music was getting stopped by an annoying worker who apparently knew everyone in the joint, because she would keep making these announcements about her friends birthday, or future marriage, or graduation, and it was getting annoying.

We thought up a brilliant plan to have someone ask to make an announcement because they were wanting to propose to their girlfriend and I thought the perfect couple in our group would be numero uno because they were the only ones dating.

I have a wedding ring on my keychain (Joke with a few old roomies. No I am not weird.) and I handed it over to Jarrod who was there with Kate and he went up to ask about the announcement.

After I bowl my frame I sit down and Jarrod hands me the ring and says I might need it. I am totally confused until the music stops, and the girl comes on and says

"Tonight we have a few anniversaries. Ginnie and Dallin are sharing their second anniversary tonight!" Then she said something else, but I wasn't paying attention because I was in shock. SO me in all my brilliance put on the ring and Dallin and I were married for the night. Aw tender!

After that we went through a breakup, seperation, divorce, and then wanting each other back. It was the weirdest/randomest/funnest date I've been on SO lets just say Dallin you are awesome and thanks for helping me feel better about getting back into dating!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 33 and 34=stick shift, graduation, and cleaning

Sorry, I did my new thing for the day and then rushed out the door to head down to Ephraim for a few friends graduation.

My new thing for Friday was that I finally learned how to drive a stick shift. I'm far from being good at it, but I know a little about it now, and I decided it made me feel like I was 16 and awkward again, especially when a group of people walked by the church parking lot and just stared. How can it get any cooler you may ask. I had to leave right after so I was wearing my heals. So I felt like a bond girl.

So I got to Ephraim safely and watched graduation happen, which was absolutely amazing, and it made me miss actually living on my own and going to school. Besides that it was awesome to see some of my friends graduating.

After graduation I went to say goodbye to some friends, and I felt super bad for them because some of their roommates left without helping to clean. Nothing was done, so me, in my heels, helped clean their kitchen.

That is my new thing for today. Cleaning in heals is SO much harder than you'd think. I would have taken them off, but I didn't want to walk on their floor. Haha, I felt like Beavers mother from Leave it to Beaver. Kudos Mama Beaver.