Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I have this awesome story!

So it's a few days after Saturday, and part of me felt bad for not posting, but another part of me doesn't really care seeing as I have a pretty good reason why I didn't update the blog.

First thing first: The goal for last week was to follow a healthy meal plan that I created each day.  This was actually difficult.  Some days I wasn't in the mood for the things I preplanned from the day before...It wasn't the best that I probably couldn't have done, so I decided to change it a little bit.  I came up with a few choices for each meal that I could have and then would pick what I'd like to have as I went along the day.  I found that this was a whole lot easier for me. 

That is until this past Thursday when I went on vacation (although I tried very hard to get healthy food when we went out to eat), but before I continue on with my story I need to make a goal for next week.

Jareth brought me a flyer for a 5k and half marathon coming up, and I may not do it as it costs to much money for me, but if I do it I want to prep for it.  So this week I will try to run atleast 3-4 miles every day. 

Continuing on with the story!

So it's my birthday on June 29th and Jareth and I will be together for a year on July 7th.  So we decided we would take a weekend trip down to St George to celebrate.

Little did I know that Jareth was secretly planning a different trip.

We set off Wednesday night around 10 and started driving to St. George.  I realized something was up when we entered Arizona.  When I grabbed the directions from Jareth I noticed that our ending location was Anaheim, California.  It was then that Jareth told me that he was taking me to Disneyland. 

He had surprised me with a 3 day park hopper pass, which by the way, we took full advantage of and completed most of the rides in both parks. 

The first day in Disneyland was my birthday and as we were waiting in the Indiana Jones ride I got a text from my sister Anji.  She wished me a happy birthday and asked if I was engaged yet.   I laughed and showed the text to Jareth who got a kick out of it, and replyed with "Why would anyone want to propose in Disneyland?  Let me text her back." So he sent a text back saying that that must have been what he was doing when he kept saying "I lost it." (Then he sent a text to Anji telling her that she would ruin it.)

Let me preface this with the fact that Jareth said multiple times over the past couple weeks that he would propose but that it wasn't going to be for a couple months. 

We ended up in Fantasyland and stopped at the Sleeping Beauty castle.  If you haven't been, there are books positioned throughout the castle that have the story on it.  At the end we reached the final book, and Jareth said that he wanted to take a picture.  He ventured back upstairs to find someone to take the picture for us, and found 2 little kids that followed him timidly.  He told them to just push the button and I prepped to take a picture only to find that Jareth was on one knee.  He took my hand and pulled out a ring. 

He started to ask me if I would be his princess forever, which only made me think more so that he was being cute and asking me to be his pretend princess for the night. 

I ruined it, of course, and told him that he was holding the wrong hand.

He replyed that I was ruining the moment, and asked me again if I'd like to be his princess, and this time I said yes, and he put the ring on my finger.

It was only afterwards when I asked if we were really engaged and he said yes that I realized he had really just proposed to me.

I am very skeptical over things if you couldn't tell. 

SO it's official that I'm engaged!

I knew I picked a good one! :)

I love you Jareth, and can't wait to spend my life with you!