Sunday, July 8, 2012


I managed to get out and go for a 3 mile jog a few days ago, like my challenge intended, but stuff happens!

At this point I feel like I'm just making excuses.

I feel like I need to start off smaller because I seem to be having issues working out if I don't do it in the morning, and this week stuff kept happening.  I've decided it's been for good reasons.

I hit my one year anniversary with Jareth. We also had a baby shower that we attended that I made the cake for, and a friend got married on Friday.  

Like I said, busy week.

I may try the same challenge though.  I want to get back into running and I need to have something having to do with running set as the challenge.

So this week my challenge is going to be to run everyday.  I'm not putting an amount on how much I run as I just want to get myself out there.

And if any of you would like to join in it might help encourage me to work harder at this goal.